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The War Throughout History

(Part 1)

In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Darkshade started a war and conquered the known world. I’m assembling a team team to go throughout history to stop him from destroying the world

My name is Spade and I’m from the future. I’m originally from 2166, and in that time Darkshade has conquered the world.

I’ve been sent on a mission from an organization that travels throughout history changing events, but this mission is by far the hardest.

My job is to stop an immortal villain who goes by the name Darkshade. I cannot defeat him alone, so I’ve traveled to 2016 to find people with special abilities to travel throughout time to stop him. First stop, New York City.

(Times Square, New York City)

Chaos floods the streets as Shockwave shoots down Darkshade’s plane with a bolt of lightning.

(Last sighting of Shockwave seen fleeing the scene.) (After Spade catches up with the Shockwave)

“So you’re the hero?” Spade says.

“Yea and who are you?” says the hero.

“My name is Spade and I need your help.”  He shoots Shockwave with a tranquilizer dart.

(Mount Etna, Italy)

     “Graaaaar” said Hydro as he shot water at the volcano. He has been trying to stop the volcanic eruption for the past hour. At least he bought enough time to help evacuate the people of Catania. Hydro’s power is water. He can shoot water from his hands and can manipulate it in any way. Suddenly, there’s an explosion and the top of the volcano is sealed. Hydro looks back, standing there is Spade. “What just happened and who are you?”

Hydro asked stunned. “I need your help.” Spade says. (Right before he shoots another tranquilizer dart)

(Shockwave and Hydro, wake up on a skyscraper in New York City)

Groans and mumbling are coming out of Shockwave and Hydro as they start to wake up. “Not this guy”, they say in unison as they see each other. They aren’t the best of friends because water is Shockwave’s weakness and lightning is Hydros’ weakness. But, all of the sudden they both wonder where they are and they remember that they were abducted. They finally see Spade. Before they can say anything, Spade says “I’m from the future and I need your help to save the world.”

To Be Continued...

The Library

By Paige Miller

The Library is a place where I like to go,

It’s a place I can explore and seek a magic land

where a girl slays the dragon

and not the man.

The Library is where there are books of all genres,

It’s a place where I can find a book with magics of all kinds,

It’s a place where I love to read,

and let my imagination fly free; It’s a place of hope for some,

and for others maybe a place of fantasy.

The Library is a place where all books can float in our minds as we read,

It’s a place where words can fly off the page

and make pictures in our brains.

The Library is a place for both boys and girls,

It’s a place for all ages be it old or be it young,

we all can love this place.

The Library is a place I like to go,

It’s a place where I can find magic

in my mind.

The Library is the place I love,

and I love all the books there, in

The Library.


The War Throughout History

(Part 2)

In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Darkshade started a war and conquered the known world. I’m assembling team to go throughout history

to stop him from destroying the world.

(In an Abandoned Warehouse, 2016)

“Who are you, where am I, why is he here, and did you just say that you’re from the future and you need my help?” says Shockwave in a bramble of words.

“No he said that he needs OUR help you nitwit” comments Hydro who has just been looking around.

“Stop asking questions or I’ll shoot you all over again. You weren’t supposed to wake up this early.” says Spade.

How long were we out” asked Hydro.

“Ten years” says Spade with a smile.

“WE WERE OUT FOR TEN YEARS” asked a scared Shockwave.

“No you were out for a couple hours and you’ll be out for a couple more.” Thwump is the sound they make as they fall to the ground with darts sticking out of their neck. “Darn, I should have said 20 years,” he says as he walks toward the Time Rider.

(Paris, France 2016)

(Newscast Beginning) Police are on the scene as a jewel heist is effect with a villain that goes by the name of Spectrum. Jessica is on the scene as the police infiltrate the jewelry store.(Car gets smashed but with nothing in it) Screams coming from the crowd Spectrum gets off the car and starts running towards Bois De Vincennes forest where his hideout is.

After Spade catches up with him, he says,”Stop where you are and come with me.” Spectrum is caught completely unaware. He instantly becomes invisible and starts to run away into the lake but Spade sees the ripples in the water and shoots an electric dart at him. Spectrum instantly comes visible with a cry of pain. “You actually thought that you could get away from me” Spade says with a laugh. “I have all the cool toys from the future. While Spade is talking Spectrum is frantically trying to resist the shock. “Hold still if you want this to be over with.” (Tranq dart flies through the air into Spectrum’s arm). “Three down, two to go” says Spade.

(Tokyo, Japan, 2016)  

(Vitreous’s power is that he can apparate through objects. Spade goes into Tokyo to see the well known hero named Vitreous) Spade says, “So you saved the people from the fire.”

“Yup, and there’s a fire on Jackson and Elizabeth that I'm already late for…”

“Relax kid it’s already taken care of. And don’t worry no one got injured.”

“But how?” Vitreous asked astonished.

“Nevermind that. So, are you in or out.”

Vitreous replies with a smile, I’m in.

To Be Continued...

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